Channelled Sessions

LEMURIAN PRIESTESS CHANNELLING: Speaking through SanRa Alworth, the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 will speak to you about your connection to Lemuria, if you have one and can help you to develop your Sacred Feminine in a way that helps you to be who you are on the planet at this time. The Lemurian Priestess Circle will help you to remember that depth within that you have been yearning to know. They will also help you to release the fear of really becoming and expressing your Self. Visit the Lemurian tab for more information.


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Healing Sessions

Using her deep spiritual wisdom, SanRa takes you to a place of depth within yourself that you may not have been able to access before. Release difficult and traumatic experiences that you hold in your cell memory, keeping you from feeling fulfilled and living a more peaceful, happy and meaningful life. SanRa gives direction and invites interaction during the session to awaken healing communication with your Self and body. Dissolve blocks and protective mechanisms that have previously made it impossible to move so deeply within. Expect sacred and profound healing experiences emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

ASCENSION GUIDANCE: When directed by your Angels and Guides, SanRa is able to facilitate your process on your Spiritual Path. Through specific instruction from your Guides, you will be given energy and instructions to move through initiations appropriate for you. This is very powerful and effective in moving forward in your ascension process.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION: Use of hypnotherapy and other healing techniques to discover and clear past life experiences and patterns that are adversely affecting your present life.

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This is a BRAND NEW 6 WEEK SERIES, LIVE WITH SANRA AND THE LEMURIAN PRIESTESS CIRCLE OF 13. There is no specific theme to each session, but we will be bringing through energy and information for the co-creating of our new golden age upon the earth. The priestesses give timeless and profound wisdom, energy and love in each session. We are assisted in restoring our DNA, clearing and activating our chakras, awakening Lemurian encodements, activating our crystalline grid structure, awakening the sacred Feminine and helped to feel lighter and filled with delight.

During these 6 channeled meditations, the priestesses continue to activate the New Lemurian Healing Chamber. Presently on earth, it is a spiritual chamber that affects transformation and healing down to the very particles of our beings, but in the times of Lemuria it was a physical chamber, used in groups and individually. Where the Chamber was used in Lemuria largely for spiritual growth and to keep balance within ourselves and upon earth, it is now helping us to heal emotionally and physically from all that has arisen from living in separation.

We will also continue to work with the 15 chakra system and the beautiful and powerful specific tones for each. Using these sounds, we able to clear beliefs in separation and open the deep inner Lemurian chambers in each chakra, thus helping us to awaken our inner Lemurian wisdom for use in this current lifetime.

Whether you have experienced any of SanRas past Lemurian series or whether you are new to this energy, it will not disappoint. You will continue to learn, grow, awaken, activate and feel exhilarated and empowered!

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Sessions by phone, by Skype and in person.
All sessions recorded.

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